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David Grissom Band


David Grissom has toured and recorded with John Mellencamp, Joe Ely, Storyville,The Allman Brothers Band, The Dixie Chicks, Chris Isaak, Robben Ford, The FabulousThunderbirds, Ringo Starr, Buddy Guy, Bob Schneider and John Mayallamong many others. His songs have been recorded by Trisha Yearwood, Lee AnnWomack, John Mayall, Shannon Curfman and Storyville to name just a few. Over the years, he has been featured in Guitar Player, Guitar World, Musician, and Vintage Guitarmagazines several times. read more


Joel Guzman & Los Aztex

A new breed of Latin band—Los Aztex—draws from Hispanic influences around the world. Joel Guzman and Sarah Fox formed the group in 1999. Members are Gabriel Guzman on rhythm guitar, Chris Mosley on electric guitars, and Mark Epstsein on upright and electric bass.  read more


Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars

Montana native Tessy Lou Williams’ passion for music and songwriting began early in her life. Her parents, Kenny and Claudia Williams, formed the core of a western musical legend in Montana – the band Montana Rose. One of her earliest memories was falling asleep in a guitar case backstage, dreaming and singing along to the country folk tunes of the band. By the time Tessy Lou reached the sixth grade in Willow Creek, Montana (population 150), she had learned to play the cello, piano, guitar, saxophone and clarinet.  read more

Jon Napier

There is probably no better way of getting acquainted with Jon Napier’s musical influences than by taking a look at his record collection. Starting on one end of the stack, and working your way to the other, you are just as likely to thumb past Guy Clark, Jimmy Martin, and Stephen Stills; as you are to find The Staples Singers, James Brown, and Ray Charles. The only way to make sense of how all these artists culminate into a single songwriter’s musical talents is to listen to Jon Napier perform. read more


John David Kent


When you've been on a world tour and signed to a major record label at the age of 16, played on both Letterman and Conan, built your own studio, started your own record label, formed a new band whose first full-length record spawned three top 20 singles on the Texas charts and a hit video on CMT Pure Country, it's hard to imagine what kind of barometer John David Kent (JDK) uses to measure future success. "I want to continue to blur the lines of genres and spread my music across the world", says Kent. Ask five listeners to describe this band's musical genre and you are sure to get five different answers. A breath of fresh air in the music industry, John David Kent's music is "influenced by..." without "sounding just like...".   read more

Cold Steel Revolver BB Morse